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RemotePro is an online platform dedicated to connecting freelancers and aspiring remote workers to BETTER remote work opportunities: RemotePro helps you facilitate screened, long-term or permanent remote job vacancies with remote-friendly companies across the globe. 

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Join RemotePro, connect with a community of like-minded persons from all over the , learn from the pros, and finally start earning an income remotely. Apply now for your chance to work remotely & travel the world. Spots are limited!

Learn How to Earn an Income Remotely

Learn the Exact Steps to Go Remote

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Who is Our Training For?

The course is aimed at anyone with or without any skill-set or years of experience, but with determination to succeed in life on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or remote worker in any field of interest. We cover everything, so even if you've never worked online before in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in and make decent monthly income through our training.

What You Get From Our Training

RemotePro is a transformational 3-weeks experience in our training hub where you'll:
1. Determine the Remote Career Path that is Right for You
Based on your existing skills and passions.Create an Action Plan: for making this lifestyle a reality and start taking action during the program.Join a Global Community: of like-minded people on the same journey to going remote 2. Attend Engaging and Interactive Workshops
where you'll get the tools, knowledge, and support to confidently start living a location independent lifestyle. 3. Get Personalized Support To meet your own unique needs
This is why we keep our group size to a minimum If you're ready to have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world then join us on today at RemotePro. Spots are limited so apply now to secure your spot!
4. Get Recruited by our partners
You automatically qualifies for an interview with our hiring partners from all over the world.
5. Access to materials
You 'will have access to premium training materials to help sharpen your existing skill set
6. Start earning Immediately
80% of our students starts earning a month after the training

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remote talents?
Learn From The Best

Take RemotePro training course and start building the most wanted remote career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today's hi-tech industry.

Adedeji Olaoluwa

Business Analyst/ Trainer

A strict teacher that has been teaching since the age of 20. Ayodeji won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

What Our Custumers say

I've always heard about people making money legally online for a very long time ago and I've attempted several options all to no avail until I was introduced to RemotePro training.The training lasted for three days and on the third day, I landed a job offer.... Thank you Remote pro for taking me through the foundation of working remotel

Oluwaseyi Simeon

How You’ll Earn An Income Remotely

At Remotepro we teach you both how to start freelancing and running a service based business or landing a remote job. This way you can clearly understand all your options and pick the remote career path that is best suited for you. Oftentimes, our students often start with a remote job then eventually venture into starting their own business so we want to make sure we provide training for both options. We've also had alumni think they want a remote job then eventually shift to starting a business once they understood how it works.

Land a Remote Job With RemotePro

Remote jobs are just as vast in industries and positions as traditional 9-5 jobs, however, the process of finding and landing a remote job is different. It’s important to know that we are not a recruiting agency. At RemotePro, we teach you the skills of how to land a remote job on your own. This includes learning:

⦁ Where to find legitimate remote opportunities
⦁ How to find the best remote opportunities based on your skills
⦁ How to update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn so it’s aligned for remote positions
⦁ How to prepare and succeed at the remote interview

So How Does This Lifestyle Really Work?

Remote work is very misunderstood which leads to many myths and misconceptions about working remotely. Let’s breakdown how this lifestyle really works and how RemotePro can help you achieve a lifestyle with more freedom and flexibility.

Work Remotely without Job Experience
At Remotepro, you'll learn how to earn an income remotely even if you've never worked remotely before
You can work remotely without taking additional certifications
Most people assume they don't have the right skills to work remotely simply because their existing skills aren't being used in a remote capacity. we show you how to land a remote position based on your existing skills
You can work remotely, even if you’re not a developer or not tech savvy
Remote work applies to a variety of skills, positions, and industries
You can expect to earn the same salary, if not more, as a remote worker
we show you how to land quality remote jobs which means you should expect to earn the same, if not more as a salary.

What You Need To Know

Location: lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Duration: 4 weeks  Intensive Training Experience

Investment: #5000 -#20,000 depending on your training package

Next Program: June 17-21, 2019300+ applicants to date from 40+ countries

100% of our Participants would Recommend RemotePro

About us

RemotePro is an online platform dedicated to connecting freelancers and aspiring remote workers to BETTER remote work opportunities

Our mission

 RemotePro is aim to helps you facilitate screened, long-term or permanent remote job vacancies with remote-friendly companies across the globe. 


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